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What Are The Main Components Of A Hybrid Injection Molding Machine?

Dec 16, 2019

1.Comparison link

The comparison link is a link where the hybrid electric injection molding machine compares the input command signal with the feedback signal of the system to obtain the deviation signal between the output and the input, which is usually realized by a special circuit or computer.


The controller is usually the computer or PID control circuit of the hybrid electric injection molding machine.Its main task is to transform the deviation signal output by the comparison element to control the execution of the actuator in accordance with the requirements.

3. Execution

The function of the execution link is that the hybrid electric injection molding machine converts various types of energy input into mechanical energy according to the requirements of the control signal, and drives the controlled object to work. The actuators in the mechatronic system generally refer to various motors or hydraulic pressures. Pneumatic servo mechanism, etc.

4. Accused Object

Mechanical parameters include displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, and moment as controlled objects.

5. Detection link

The detection link refers to a device that can measure the output and convert it into the dimensions required by the comparison link, and generally includes sensors and conversion circuits.