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Testing For Injection Molding Machine And 10L 15L Plastic Bucket Cap Mould

Jan 06, 2018

Inspection process


A: Appearance inspection

• Inspect mechanical

• Electronic components

• Lubricating device

• Hydraulic valve

• Chiller


Check whether all of them are in good condition .


B:Electrify inspection

1Connecting electricity to injection molding machine ,then check the computer control panel pressure gaugebarrel heater  and other components, Check whether all of them are in good condition.


2 Check whether the mould and chiller  are in good condition with injection molding machine to produce the plastic caps.Start to do the mold trail.



C: Cap inspection :

• Compare the caps with drawing after getting all the testing samples, mark clearly if anything different from each other.


• Check whether the cap match the bottle, elastic degrees and aesthetic measure.


•  water test