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Safety Operation Rules For High-speed Snack Box Injection Molding Machines

Dec 04, 2019

Safe operating procedures :

1. In order to create a safe, efficient and healthy working environment, the strict and standardized operation of injection molding machines is specially formulated as follows:

2. New workers must learn from the foreman and team leader about safety knowledge and methods and uses of various safety devices.

3. Each operator must concentrate when operating the injection molding machine. It is strictly forbidden to talk with others or do anything unrelated to work.

4. It is strictly forbidden for unskilled operators to operate injection molding machines for others, and only after training.

5. The operator is strictly forbidden to adjust the operating parameters and time parameters of the injection molding machine without permission. When picking up the goods, hands should be stretched and contracted quickly, and violation of regulations is strictly prohibited.

After opening the security door to pick up or bypass the security door to pick up.

6. When burning the sticky mold of the product, the motor should be turned off, and the operator must not hit the mold with scissors, iron, etc.

7. When operating the injection molding machine, the operator should immediately notify the foreman or team leader and the quality inspector for the following situations:

There is abnormal noise and abnormal mold; ②Product quality problems; ③Water leakage, electricity leakage, oil leakage.

8. When the operator is operating the injection molding machine, if he encounters the following conditions, he should immediately press the stop switch to stop and notify the foreman and team leader on duty.

Reason: ① the safety device is ineffective; ② electricity leakage and oil pipe burst; ③ the mold is loose.

9. When the mold is open, it is strictly forbidden to move the shooting table to face the mouth, so as not to overpressure the shooting table and eject the front mold.