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Injection System

May 26, 2017

The role of injection system: Injection system is one of the most important components of injection molding machine, generally has a plunger type, screw type, screw pre-plastic plunger injection type of 3 main forms. At present the most widely used is the screw. Its role is, in the injection molding machine in a cycle, can be a certain amount of time within the specified plastic heating, after a certain pressure and speed, through the screw will melt plastic injection mold cavity. After the injection is finished, the molten material injected into the mold cavity remains stereotyped.

Composition of the injection system: The injection system consists of a plasticizing device and a power transmission device.

Screw-Type injection moulding machine is mainly composed of feeding device, material barrel, screw, glue assembly and nozzle part. The power transmission device comprises an injection cylinder, an injection seat moving cylinder and a screw drive device (a melt rubber motor).