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India Re-examines Anti-dumping Duties On Injection Molding Machines In China

Nov 11, 2020

According to reports, due to the expiration of the anti-dumping tax policy for injection molding machines in China, the Indian government has begun anti-dumping review work. Regarding the retention and abolition of this anti-dumping tax policy, various circles in India have expressed different opinions. Among them, the country's four major local injection molding machine manufacturers strongly recommend that the government continue to retain this policy. 

In an official statement issued on May 9th, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of India stated that out of the need to protect local companies, the country‚Äôs four major injection molding machine manufacturers-Toshiba India, FerromatikMilacron India, WindsorMachines and Electronica PlasticMachines agreed The government imposed anti-dumping duties on injection molding machines made in China. They believe that the state must provide support for its own enterprises and protect their interests. 

Regarding the question of whether or not the anti-dumping tax policy should stay, the Indian authorities did not have time to answer. The government said that a large-scale anti-dumping review will be launched in the next few months, and it will decide whether to continue to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese injection molding machines after comprehensively weighing the pros and cons.