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How To Realize Energy Saving Materials For Large High-speed Precision Injection Molding Machine ?

Dec 04, 2019

Because the injection molding machine is a device that injects thermoset plastic into molds of different shapes, the plastic products are finally formed. Large high-speed precision injection molding machines mostly use electromagnetic heaters to achieve energy saving effects. In addition, in terms of power consumption and energy saving, inverters have been selected to change the frequency of the equipment's operating power. This will result in better reliability and reliability. It has better performance, so it is necessary to make better choices according to the actual situation, and the reliability brought by it will be greatly improved.

Of course, high-quality high-speed high-precision injection molding machines can achieve energy-saving materials from two aspects: heating and power. Therefore, it is necessary to make better choices according to actual conditions. Obtained reliability will also be greatly improved. It is better to know that the electromagnetic heater can save heating time, directly affect the heating pipe, and the special insulation layer can improve the heating efficiency, while the heating efficiency is high, etc. This is the reason to ensure more energy saving. In the past, the resistance heating coil had low efficiency and large heat loss, so it was very power-hungry, so the cost of processing plastic products increased significantly.

We choose the best quality large-scale high-speed precision injection molding machine to achieve the best energy-saving effect. Above we mentioned the energy-saving of the heating part. Now we mainly talk about energy saving in power. If the equipment only needs 30HZ power during operation, and the actual power of the motor may be higher, energy will be wasted. Then choosing an inverter to adjust it can ensure how large the equipment needs Power, the output power is much, so the energy saving effect that can be achieved in the end is definitely the best, so the reliability achieved is also better.