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Future High-speed Precision Injection Molding Machine Development Trend Forecast

Nov 23, 2019

1. Large injection molding machine. The development of aerospace, auto industry and other industries has promoted the research and production of large injection molding machines. The number of large injection molding machines such as Japan and the United States has increased year by year. However, there are not many enterprises in China that can produce large injection molding machines, and the gap between the production of injection molding machines and developed countries is still very large.

2, multi-material composite injection molding machine

The multi-material composite injection molding machine consists of an injection molding machine equipped with multiple injection molding mechanisms and a rotating mold, which can process a variety of materials in one processing cycle. This "co-plastic" injection molding method has the characteristics of power saving and energy saving. The product has strong stability and can produce some more complicated products. For example, two-color injection molding machines have been applied to the production of toothbrushes, ballpoint pens and the like.

3. High-speed, high-efficiency and energy-saving injection molding machine

Universal injection molding machines are rapidly evolving toward high speed, efficiency, energy efficiency and automation.

4, a variety of special injection molding machines

Various special injection molding machines such as vented injection molding machines, foam injection molding machines, and multi-color injection molding machines should be put into more production in China in the future. The demand for low foaming products required for musical instruments, speakers, household appliances, and mobile phone housings has increased. Future foam injection molding machines should be put into more production.

5, precision injection molding machine

The development of high-tech products has promoted the development of micro-precision injection molding machines, and no other manufacturer in China can produce micro-precision injection molding machines. In the future, the injection molding machine industry should increase the research and production of micro-precision injection molding machines.