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Electrical Control

May 26, 2017

Electrical control

The electrical control system and the hydraulic system cooperate reasonably, can realize the injection machine process request (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions. Mainly by electrical appliances, electronic components, instrumentation (see the bottom right), heaters, sensors and other components. There are generally four kinds of control methods, manual, semi-automatic, automatic, adjustment.


Heating system is used to heat the barrel and injection nozzle, the injection molding machine barrel is generally used as heating device, installed in the outside of the barrel, and the thermocouple section detection. Heat through the tube wall heat conduction for the material to provide heat source; Cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature, the oil temperature too high will cause a variety of faults appear so the oil temperature must be controlled. Another need to cool the position in the material pipe near the mouth, to prevent raw materials in the lower material at the mouth melting, resulting in raw materials can not be normal material.