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Difference Between Traditional Injection Molding Machine And Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

Dec 16, 2019

First, the working condition of the injection molding machine :

The working cycle of the injection molding machine is as follows: mold clamping; shooting table movement; glue injection; pressure holding; feeding; cooling; ejector pin; Different flows and pressures of oil are required at different stages. Examples include: a large flow rate occurs during the feeding phase (the oil motor quickly pushes the screw); a large pressure occurs during the high-pressure clamping stage. Small flows occur during the holding and cooling phases; small pressures also occur during the cooling phase. Other phases require different flows and pressures.


Second, the difference between traditional injection molding machine and hybrid injection molding machine

1. The traditional injection molding machine uses a three-phase AC asynchronous motor in conjunction with a vane pump to drive the oil in the tank to rotate at a constant speed. During the entire working cycle of the injection molding machine, it works at a high flow rate and high pressure at any stage. Once large flow and high pressure are not needed, oil will flow out reactively through the relief valve. This not only wastes energy, but the continuous circulation of oil increases the oil temperature, which is not good for the machine.

 2. The hybrid electric injection molding machine uses a servo motor instead of the traditional three-phase AC asynchronous motor, which can quickly provide the required flow and pressure according to the different stages of the injection molding machine's working cycle. Such as: when a large flow is required, the servo motor rotates at a high speed to meet the flow demand; when a large pressure is required, the servo motor works with high torque to meet the pressure requirements. At other times, the servo motor may stop or slow down, and continuously change the speed and torque as required. Resulting in energy savings


Third, the characteristics of hybrid injection molding machine

1. Power saving: Because the servo motor in the hybrid injection molding machine is changed according to needs, unlike the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the speed and torque are constant, and the output power of the motor = torque X speed, so The effect of power saving is very obvious. In addition, the magnetic field in the servo motor is generated by the ferromagnetic material; the magnetic field of the AC asynchronous motor is generated by the alternating current through the stator of the motor, which consumes electrical energy (estimated about 10%). So power saving is the characteristic of servo injection molding machine;


2. Precision: Because the oil-electricity hybrid injection molding machine uses a pressure sensor, the control system makes real-time control through continuous feedback signals from the pressure sensor, so that the pressure and flow required at each stage can be quickly and accurately realized. Realized closed-loop control. Product repeatability is improved. The traditional injection molding machine is open-loop controlled, and the accuracy is much lower.


3. High efficiency: Due to the fast response speed of the hybrid injection molding machine, it takes only 0.1 seconds (100 milliseconds) from 0 to the rated speed, so the efficiency of processed products is improved.