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Clamping System

May 26, 2017

The function of the clamping system: the function of the clamping system is to ensure the closing, opening and ejection of the mould. At the same time, after the mold closed, the mold to provide sufficient clamping force to resist the molten plastic into the mold cavity generated cavity pressure, to prevent mold opening, resulting in poor product status.

The composition of the clamping system: The clamping system is composed of a clamping device, a clamping mechanism, a mechanism for adjusting the mould, a ejector, a fixed template, a moving template, a clamping cylinder and a safety protection mechanism.

Hydraulic system

The role of hydraulic transmission system is to achieve the injection molding machine in accordance with the requirements of the process of various actions to provide power, and to meet the injection molding machine parts of the pressure, speed, temperature and other requirements. It is mainly composed of each kind of hydraulic element and the hydraulic auxiliary element, in which the oil pump and the motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control oil pressure and flow, thus satisfying the requirements of injection molding process.