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China Trade Week In Ethiopia

May 03, 2019

China Trade Week Exhibition is ongoing.There are a lot of people on the scene.

Our managers and engineer are helping understand clients’problems and solve for you on-site.

Welcome to join us!Please check the time and Booth No.

①Our Booth No.:OD 01                                                           

China Trade Week,Ethiopia 02-04 May 2019

                    Millennium Hall  Addis  Ababa – Ethiopia  

②Our Booth No.:H8 and OD 01                      

 Ethiopia's 3rd International Trade Show   09 - 11 May 2019

                                 Millennium Hall • Addis Ababa – Ethiopia  

Any questions please contact me.

Nancy He  (Sales Manager)

Mob/whatsapp/wechat: +86-181 0624 2520

E-mail: nancy@shenzhoumac.com