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China's Horizontal Injection Molding Machine Industry Has Made Breakthrough Developments

Mar 02, 2020

With the development in recent years, China's horizontal injection molding machine has made breakthrough developments. The produced horizontal injection molding machines are sufficient to satisfy the main demand in the domestic market, and the share of exports is also increasing every year.

However, from a technical point of view, the overall technical level of our products for horizontal injection molding machines is low, and there is still a certain gap with foreign products for horizontal injection molding machines, and the industry needs to be modernized as a whole. With the rapid development of injection molding technology and technology, the factory's requirements for its own degree of automation are becoming higher and higher. Industry experts expect plastic injection robots to become popular soon. The robotic arm will make an important contribution to the automation of injection molding machines.

The robot arm is the earliest industrial robot and the earliest modern robot. It can replace the hard work of a person to implement mechanization and automation of production and can work in harmful environments to protect human safety. Robots can reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, ensure safety and improve the image of the factory.

The benefits of a robotic arm are many. As an example, consider the process of removing parts for injection molding. A robotic arm can mimic some functions of the movement of a human hand. This is an automatic device for gripping, carrying items or tools in accordance with the established procedure. The use of robotic weapons can reduce the burden on workers, increase labor productivity and the level of automation of the workshop. The successful development and use of injection molding robots contributed to the localization of equipment for the automation of injection molding production lines, strengthened the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the international market and became a new point of economic growth for the auxiliary industry of injection molding machines. Thanks to the continuous development of injection molding robots, it can stimulate the development of auxiliary equipment, such as conveyor belts, in automated factories, thereby forming a larger production chain and contributing to the development of the entire injection molding industry.

Horizontal injection molding machine, as one of the largest varieties of plastic machines in China, is also a major export force for plastic machines in China. However, for a long time, the Chinese injection molding machine industry has suffered a serious shortfall in profits from imports and exports. The reason is mainly due to the technical content of the injection molding machine itself. I believe that with the continuous acceleration of the internal automation process, the Chinese injection molding machine industry will soon be upgraded and transformed from a technical level, and the injection molding machine is moving in the direction of automation.