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Analysis On The Present Situation Of Chinese Blow Molding Machine

Oct 13, 2017

At present, China's blow molding machine enterprises for small and medium enterprises blow molding machine manufacturers, the lack of technical strength, lack of self-development capacity, it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive scale of production, it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. Domestic manufacturing large-scale blow molding machine business less, the degree of competition than the small blow molding machine is much smaller, and thus greater interest space. Related enterprises to seize the opportunity to take advantage of the industry to promote the development of the Group. Reflecting the strength of our country's development of plastic bottles, absolutely can not be separated from blowing machinery and equipment R & D and manufacturing strength. Through years of development, the domestic blow molding machine industry in learning and learn from the technology, continue to catch up with internationally renowned blow molding machine manufacturers, and gradually in the blowing equipment manufacturing to form their own advantages

In many products, multi-layer co-extruded hollow blow molding machine is a very promising development of the hollow blow molding machine. With the multi-layer blow molding high-barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products accounted for an increasing proportion, making multi-layer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry is developing rapidly, but also in the chemical and cosmetics and medicine and health and other industries Packaging is also growing rapidly. Thus, the development of the blower is due to its excellent characteristics, and will certainly peak in the next few years. However, with the application of a wide range of requirements are also increasing, the current pharmaceutical industry for blowing equipment, there are two urgent needs. One is due to the continued rise in the price of plastic raw materials, enterprises all the time do not want to reduce the cost of packaging to achieve the maximum profit, so the need to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter weight bottles; the second is due to changes in market changes, Production companies must respond flexibly to the increasingly short life cycle of medicine. These two urgent needs to blow equipment suppliers out of a no small problem. Therefore, in the subsequent development process, the blow molding machine enterprises want to get long-term development must face these issues, the industry should play its own advantages to seize the market, and then continue to strengthen technological innovation, establish a good brand image, so as to stabilize the market. Suzhou Wei Shihai Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer dedicated to blow molding machine