Plastic PVC Compression Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Elbow Injection Mould

Plastic PVC compression pipe fitting 90 degree elbow injection mould Our Advantage for customized PVC pipes fitting injection mold: We can design and make molds with high quality and low cost. We have special mold technical project engineer for every project. And we will take charge of following...

Product Details


Each of our projects has a dedicated mold technology project engineer who can design and manufacture high quality and low cost molds, follow up every process of the entire project, ensure that mold production is 100% according to customer needs, and maintain close contact with customers. Notify customers when problems are discovered in time, and provide solutions for customers' reference.


Mold foundation

Standardize the metric standards for all mold components as much as possible. (including guide sleeves, guide pins, thimbles, etc.)

2. Moudbase surface treatment

All panels should be painted with automotive paint blue or green to prevent corrosion.

3. Core and cavity

Cores, cavities and inserts made of stainless steel, hardened and tempered, up to 45-48 HRC.

Surface treatment: Mirror finish - Diamond polished.

4. Core wedge block

Made of P20 partial steel, gas nitriding heat treatment. The wedge block needs to be in a deep pocket to prevent movement.