Plastic PE PP Bucket/ Bucket Cover/bucket Handle Injection Mold

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We specialize in the manufacture of plastic mold parts for industrial and packaging applications. According to the customer's needs, we will discuss with the customer the required raw materials, color masterbatch requirements, required mold size, required molding machine size, cycle time estimation, production time calculation report, etc. In addition to molds, we also offer injection molding services, compression molding services, especially silicone rubber materials with a variety of color matching and production needs for specific product or die production services. We also design and provide fixture and fixture manufacturing services to meet the needs of easily deformable parts, depending on the needs of each project.




1. Mold structure design

Professional designers provide you with reasonably designed molds that reduce cycle times. Reducing unnecessary programs can increase efficiency.

2. Mold cooling system

According to the structural characteristics of the product and the appearance of the product, we have designed a reasonable mold door, such as the door, hidden door, fan door, needle door, needle tip door, etc. The reasonable channel runner design can make the mold in the shortest time. Temperature balance to improve mold accuracy and productivity.

3. Mold parts

Sliding, guide pins, guide sleeves, lifting blocks, etc. are all wear-resistant standard parts to ensure the life of the mold.

4. Handling mold

Quenching the mold, heat treatment to increase the hardness, then the nitriding temperature is lower, the mold will no longer need the quenching mold with high surface hardness and wear resistance over HV850