Plastic In Mold Label IML Injection Mold

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Product Details


* Suitable for 1 ~ 8 cavity mold * Take out robot by side moving and Japan servomotor (stroke 1200-1600mm)

* Label feeder (Jig) with charge releaser & wire

* Label picker (with label frame) and Japan servomotor (stroke 500-700mm)

* Germany air vacuum compressor (1HP)

* Static electricity machine

* Stacking & Conveyer

IML technology

Instead of parts being printed, labels are applied with IML-technology, a special version of manufacturing thin wall parts. In this case, a robot puts the labels into the mold, each time it opens up.

* To manufacture thin wall parts, high pressures are necessary 1.500 – 3.000 bar.  

* Injection time is between 0,1– 0,5 seconds with little backpressure at all.

* Injection speed is up to 500 mm/s, otherwise the parts freeze while the cavities are being filled.

* Depending on the wrappage of the parts, the cooling time has the highest influence on the cycle time, therefore the cooling of cavities and mould frame have to be optimized.

* Labels are either by electrostatic or by vacuum or both holding in the mould

IML labels

* Labels are made by offset multicolor printing on a special PP Paper  

* After Printing are cut into shape  

* Cut label are ready for production

* Labels are feed into the former head to form the shape required

* The forming head with electrostatic to hold the paper in position

* Label thickness around 0.07~0.12mm