Plastic Flip Top Bottle Cap Injection Mould

Plastic Flip Top Bottle Cap Injection Mould
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The mold is clamped, and the viscous fluid plastic melt after plasticization is injected, held, cooled and fixed. The nozzle of the injection machine moves backward, and the main flow condensate is released from the sprue bush due to the rebound action of the spring 28, and the mold is opened along the I-I parting surface under the action of the spring 6, when the limit screw 4 acts as a limit position, The flow channel puller 7 pulls off the dot gate, and pulls the aggregate out of the cavity plate 25 to automatically fall. The cavity plate 25 continues to move backward under the moving template of the injection machine, and the limit screw 26 is limited. When the action is fixed, the fixed part stops moving; due to the shrinkage effect of the melt cooling, the plastic part is wrapped on the core, and the movable part continues to move backwards under the driving of the moving template of the injection machine, and the plastic part is released from the cavity, at the same time The inclined guide post 18 is opened by the Hough block 22 to complete the side core pulling action, and the movable mold part continues to move backward. When the limiting plate 20 acts as a limit, the pusher plate 9 causes the plastic part to be disengaged from the core. The mold clamping, the demolding mechanism, and the side core pulling mechanism are reset, and an injection cycle is completed.




Core and cavity are made of special mould steel after preheating treatment in the original factory.

Lip cavity is made of top quality nitrated steel, which is of high hardness and long service accordance with international Standard.As optional, The excellent hot runner design assures uniform heating and greatly improves the quality of plastic product. No cutting of gate is employed to reduce the labor intensity; Standard inter-changeable mould components.

The life of mould is more than 2 million times.