Plastic PP PE PET Extrusion Blow Mould 5ML To 200L

Plastic PP PE extrusion Blow Mould 5ML to 200L Mould Feature: Why Choose SHENZHOU Blowing Mould? Professional in make all kinds blow moulds and process production for 20 years High quality and competitive price. Continuance service and technical support. Rich experienced skilled workers....

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It is suitable for the production of plastic containers and bottles of various shapes. It is widely used in the production of carbonated bottles, pesticide bottles, cosmetics, jars, etc. Beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, cans, barrels, toolboxes, plastic models, etc.


1.The extrusion blow molding process involves the following steps:

2. When the parison reaches a predetermined length, the clamping of the parison is clamped

3. Bad type of head molding or sizing

4. Compressed air is introduced into the parison to inflate, and the parison is placed close to the cavity of the mold to form an article.

5. The product is cooled and shaped in the mold

6. Open the mold to remove the product, trim and finish the product, and realize the above process in various ways and types, and realize full automatic operation.