Pharmacy Cosmetic Small Bottle Mold IBM Injection Blow Mold

pharmacy/ cosmetic/ small bottle mold IBM injection blow Mold Feature: Excellent Mechanical Strength, impact-resisting, and non-cracking. Bottle mouth and thread are of precise measurement, Enabling well close match with the bottle cap. Plastic Medicine Bottle’s safe thread can be molding...

Product Details

pharmacy  cosmetic small  bottle mold IBM injection blow Mold



Excellent mechanical strength, impact resistance and no cracking.

The mouth and threads of the bottle are precisely measured, which makes the lids of the bottles well coincide.

The safety thread of the plastic vial can be molded directly and connected to the safety cap.

The size and weight of the product can be calculated and designed clearly, meeting the design requirements without any deviation.

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Injection: we can process the plastic injection for you.

Painting and printing service: available

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