PET Preform Bottle Molding Machines

PET Preform Bottle Molding Machines
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The model is mature, stable and widely accepted by the market. For the process and technical requirements of in-mold labeling, the structure design is better to meet the requirements of the host, which has higher advantages. Fast speed, high precision and high stability.

1. The innovative design of the plasticizing system realizes low temperature injection; it makes the machine energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and produces products with high toughness and toughness.

2. Advanced hydraulic system for low pressure injection; it enables the machine to achieve better mechanical protection, extend mold life, and produce low stress and deformation products.

3. The optimized control system achieves fast response speed; it enables the machine to achieve a higher hit rate in a short time and achieves the best condition within 0.3 seconds.


1. User friendly: the nozzle bracket is easy to align after the injection bracket is improved. Easy to maintain and maintain.

2. Accuracy: Highly optimistic mechanical structure, high-tech controller, greatly improving the service life and accuracy of the machine.

3. Fast: High injection speed reduces cycle time.

4. Durable: Thicker pressure plate, increase strength, and will not deform the mold.