Plastic Disposable Tableware Making Machine

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With the constant pursuit of independent innovation, Full Automatic Injection Molding Machine uses advanced computer software design to optimize the parameters of the optimal design, and uses automatic sampling system to test the performance parameters of new products. This series of injection molding machines has a small market plate deformation, smoother movement, longer service life, lower energy consumption and more convenient operation, so it has been recognized by the market.


Full Automatic Injection Molding Machine adopts advanced technology. The hydraulic unit adopts proportional pressure and flow control, adjustable pressure and speed, stable motion curve and gentle vibration. The computer is imported by the industrial family. The high definition LCD display is available in both Chinese and English. Closed loop PID temperature control with the advantage of high precision. The operating table of the injection molding machine has two safetys, one is machine safety and the other is electrical safety to ensure the safety of the operator. Our mold production centers produce precision molds made from high quality materials. The execution of the mold adopts hot runner technology, and the imported steel is used internally, which has high surface brightness and long service life.


1/ Screw diameter                  60mm—70mm

2/ Screw L/D ratio                  22.7—19.5

3/ Shot weight                       772gram—1050gram

4/ Injection capacity              848cm3—1154cm3

5/ Injection pressure             207Mpa— 152Mpa

6/ Theoretical injection rate  241g/s — 328g/s

7/ Plastic capacity                  35.2 g/s —51.8g/s

8/ Space between tie bars     610mm×610mm

9/Mould height                     220mm-630mm

10/Clamping force                3000kn


薄壁模具(Thin-wall injection mould -3@2x.png