Vertical Servo Control Plastic PE PP PS Knife Injection Molding Machine

Screw diameter:50-60mm
Shot weight:447-643g
Injection stroke:250mm
Max. clamping force:2000KN

Product Details

Parameter summary of knife injection molding machine

Screw diameter:50-60mm

Shot weight:447-643g

Injection stroke:250mm

Max. clamping force:2000KN

Space between tie bars:505*505mm


1. The injection device and the clamping device are on the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. The footprint is only about half of the horizontal machine, so it is about twice as large as the floor space.

2. Easy to achieve insert molding. Because the mold surface is facing up, the insert is placed in an easy position. The model with the lower template fixed and the upper template movable, and the combination of the belt conveying device and the robot can easily realize the automatic insert molding.

3. The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal template for opening and closing operations, and the phenomenon that the template cannot be opened and closed due to the gravity of the mold is not caused. Conducive to durability to maintain the precision of machinery and mold.

4. Each plastic part cavity can be taken out by a simple robot, which is beneficial to precision molding.

5. The general clamping device is open around, easy to configure various types of automation devices, suitable for automatic molding of complex and delicate products.

6. Pulling belt conveying device is easy to realize the intermediate installation of the thread through the mold, which is convenient for automatic production of forming.