Mobile Phone Case Injection Molding Machine

TPU mobile phone case injection molding machine photo : TPR TPU TPE mobile phone case injection molding machine technical specification : Our advantage : We can provide customers with reasonable solutions and customize the molds you want according to the different needs of customers. we...

Product Details


Mobile Phone Case Injection Molding Machine is suitable for mobile phone accessories MP series, mainly used for PC, elastomer and other materials, used in mobile phone accessories. It pays attention to characteristics, light weight, high precision, and is not easy to form, especially suitable for consumer electronics.

1. Mainly used for PC, TPU mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics and other raw materials.

2. The injection speed and injection pressure are increased by more than 40%, which is more suitable for the production of mobile phone accessories.

3. PC, TPU special screw, the use of high-strength materials, torsional strength, advanced coating technology, to solve the problem of yellow products and other key solutions.

4. Plastic dispenser / ring / washer, using SKD material, wear-resistant, anti-fatigue, greatly reducing the possibility of cracking and improving the service life.

5. With double injection back to the cylinder, the force is more balanced and more reliable.

6. Increase hydraulic system, more powerful and higher production efficiency.

7. Strengthen the template structure, reduce the deformation of the template, produce higher precision, and stable operation for a long time.

8. Linear guide device with higher precision and faster response to plasticization.


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