Top Quality Plastic PE PP Basin Injection Molding Machine Factory

Top Quality Plastic PE PP Basin Injection Molding Machine Factory
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Product Details

This plastic basin machine can use PE PP material for injection molding plastic basin


Screw diameter:80-90mm

Shot weight:1948-2466g

Injection stroke:425mm

Max. clamping force:5500KN

Space between tie bars:810*810mm




Wear-resistant guide for moving platen

Transducer control injection stroke

Imported world famous hydraulic sealing rings

Deviation preset between high and low temperature. And break control for temperature sensor


LCD computer control with big display screen
Hydraulic double proportional valve
Hard chrome plated high tensile strength steel tie bars
Generous space for fitting large moulds
Large opening stroke
Two position transducers to control Clamping and Injection
Four stages of injecting, independent velocity and pressure control
Hydraulic mould height adjustment device
Screw cold-start prevention device
Melt decompression control
Screw back pressure control
Multiple hydraulic ejection
Differential high speed clamping
Centralized lubrication system
Low pressure mould protection device
Mechanical safety interlock
Double electrical safety interlock
Oil return filter
Oil tank with inner stainless steel container