Plastic Lunch Box Injection Moulding Machine

WE are the Plastic lunch box injection moulding machine manufacture in china .

Product Details


1. You can switch between various texts.

2. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes.

3. Automatic motion monitoring with alarms and troubleshooting.

4.The slope setting function sets the start and stop of the action to ensure smooth movement.

Control System

All digital control systems use dedicated controllers, multi-CPU processors,

Multi-function automatic fault detection, alarm system,

Processing program with remote control interface. High system stability

response. The system uses a color LCD, artificial interface, easy to operate

There are many peripheral interfaces.

Hydraulic system

The advanced hydraulic system design, through the pressure proportional control, the flow reaches the fast multi-stage pressure, the speed is switched, the system configuration is reasonable, stable and reliable. The noise is less than 75 dB. The large and medium-sized machine adopts a two-way cartridge valve system, which improves the flow system and response speed, and optimizes the performance of the whole machine.


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