Mobile Cover Injection Molding Machine

mobile cover injection molding machine manufacturer in china..

Product Details


1. With high speed, strength, high repeatability and stability.

2. User-friendly design concept, reliable operation, and durable components.

3. Equipped with double cylinder and other jets.

4. The whole machine is completely enclosed metal plate structure.

5. High-precision opening and closing model oil circuit.

6. Reasonably increase the power of the oil pump to minimize energy consumption.

Production Process

Compression injection molding uses compression molding to obtain a semi-finished plastic resin cover. Injection compression molding is a technique in which a certain volume (60%-70%) of molten plastic is injected into an open cavity, and then the mold is closed, the melt is melted, the cavity is filled, and the optical lens is molded. Compression injection molding instead of ordinary injection molding is that compression molding does not produce internal stress, and the structure is denser and the hardness is improved.


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