Flower Pot Making Injection Molding Machine

household garden flower pot making injection molding machine can produce PVC PPR PE ABS material household garden flower pot .

Product Details


Flower Pot Making Injection Molding Machine is mainly used in the production of common injection molding products, such as: plastic basins, plastic buckets, plastic stools, plastic chairs, bath tubs, vegetable baskets, garbage baskets, small trash cans, plastic hangers, flower pots, plastic bowls, Plastic cups, plastic soup spoons, seasoning boxes, etc., a wide variety, is one of the largest areas of production of injection molding machine products.


1. High precision High response: High precision and sensitive pressure sensor and rotary encoder realize closed-loop control of tension and flow. Repeatability less than 1% servo motor achieves output power only needs 0.05S.

2. Low noise: The noise value is within 78DB. When the machine is not moving, the servo motor stops almost no noise.

3. Saving cooling water: no overflow pump + constant speed motor system overflow heat, low temperature of hydraulic oil, greatly reducing cooling water.


 flower pot making machine.JPG