Horizontal Automatic Plastic PE PP PS Fork Injection Molding Machine

Screw diameter:45-55mm
Shot weight:326-486g
Injection stroke:225mm
Max.clamping force:1600KN

Product Details

This fork making machine can use different plastic materials (e.g. PE PP PS) to create different shapes, different sizes of forks


Screw diameter:45-55mm

Shot weight:326-486g

Injection stroke:225mm 

Max.clamping force:1600KN

Space between tie bars:480*480mm




1. High torque oil motor pre-plasticized drive

2. Five pivot points and double bending shaft clamping

3. Oil motor drive gear adjustment mold

4. Strage type oil automatic lubrication system

5. Pressure, flow rate is fully proportional

6. High quality quiet oil pump

7. Inject multi-stage pressure, speed regulation

8. Chinese and English mcrocumputer control

9. High-precision position moving ruler

10. Module data memory function

11. High-strength template, strong enough to ensure no deformation when clamped under high pressure

12. Melting screw with large L / D ratio for high quality plasticizing and fixing