Hdpe Injection Molding Machine

In the injection molding industry, HDPE is widely used in bottle caps, buckets, hats, food containers, plates, baskets, boxes, plastic flowers and other plastic products. HDPE material is a kind of plastic raw material. The full name of HDPE is High Density Polyethylene.

Product Details

hdpe injection molding machine Flow chart


Specification of SZ-1300A hdpe injection molding machine



Why you choose Hdpe materials to produce plastic product?

Hdpe materials are safe, non-toxic, and odorless, unlike other pipe odor.At the same time, hdpe material heat and cold resistance is very good, its chemical stability, rigidity, toughness, mechanical strength and other aspects of outstanding performance.Hdpe materials have low water absorption, in addition to its excellent insulation and radiation resistance.Because of the above advantages, hdpe can be applied in such a wide range and be welcomed by the market.

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