Flip Lunch Box Injection Moulding Machine

we can provode different types flip lunch box making injection molding machine .

Product Details


●Innovative design of plasticizing system to achieve low temperature plasticization: energy saving, environmental protection, product toughness is not brittle.

● Leading hydraulic system realizes low pressure injection: good mechanical protection, long mold life, small product stress and small deformation.

● Optimize the control system to achieve high response speed: achieve higher rate of fire in a shorter time, achieve the best rate of fire in 0.3 seconds!


1. Fast: Fast design makes the production cycle faster. Low-resistance linear guides for precise positioning, fast response, and high repeatability of shots.

2. Energy saving: energy-saving design makes production cost lower. Special oil circuit design greatly increases injection acceleration and mechanical movement speed. At the same time, it is equipped with standard ceramic heating device.

3. Stable: Highly stable design, making production more stable, higher yield and longer. Highly rigid mechanical design to meet the needs of fast mechanical movement.

4. Durable: High-rigid mechanical design, production for longer use with four sets of blowing, specially designed for rapid production.

5. Innovative design achieves better plasticization effect, making the production temperature extremely low, energy saving and environmental protection; the product has high toughness and is not brittle.