Automatic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer
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We are 20 years automatic injection molding machine manufacturer in china . 

Our Advantage :

Energy saving and environmental protection

During the holding phase, the servo motor runs at low speed and energy consumption is very low. The engine does not work during the cooling phase.

High precision and stability

Equipped with a precise, high sensitivity rotary encoder and pressure sensor for monitoring and reverse flow

Quick response and high efficiency

The energy-saving servo servo system reacts responsively and quickly, and it takes only 0.05 seconds to reach the maximum value.

shenzhou injection molding machine

Automatic injection molding machine ,The hydraulic injection press performed pressure valve control and correspondence between demand and energy requirements .

An evolutionary five-stage clamping mechanism, a connecting rod and a combined structural casting model reinforced with finite element analysis effectively reduces stress and tension and improves the rigidity and precision of the fastening part


Check of the pressure valve ring: the actual pressure is compared with the set pressure in real time and correct until the actual pressure is equal to the set pressure.

Servo motor, servo drive, pressure sensor, rotary encoder, gear pump and precision injection molding machine: a special injection controller creates a new feeding system, thanks to which the energy demand of the molding machine is more suitable injection.


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