Plastic Electrical Junction Box Machines

Plastic waterproof junction box R-type monitoring power supply box outdoor sealed waterproof box plastic distribution box power box waterproof box junction box R-type plastic monitoring waterproof junction box

Product Details

Waterproof junction boxes are mainly used in public places such as indoor and outdoor electrical, communications, fire fighting equipment, steel smelting, petrochemicals, electronic equipment, railways, construction sites, mines, mining sites, airports and hotels.                                   

160ton injection modling machine

Our designed machines and molds for Plastic electrical junction box have six advantages:

1, waterproof;

2, corrosion resistance;

3, with positioning device, 

4, high temperature and aging resistance; 

5, custom openings; 

6, impact resistance.

Plastic electrical junction box machine

Plastic electrical junction box machines technical parameters :

                              shenzhou 130t injection molding machine

We use imported high quality electrical components :

                              Electrical component configuration table

Professional injection molding machine and mold processing :

                                Professional injection molding machine and mold processing

Packaging and shipment :


       injection molding machine

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