Plastic Fruit Box Making Machine

Plastic fruit box making machine introduction.

Product Details


At the time of design, we will use flow analysis software (mold process) for analysis, which will increase the success rate of crates mold design and manufacturing to ensure the quality of plastic parts. We use hot runner technology to optimize crates molds. The structure shortens the cycle time while using mechanical ejection, which ensures reliable movement of the mold and ensures a long service life.


1. Light weight, small size, only 1/3 of the cold runner, the machine is a lateral split mold, which can reduce the mold manufacturing cost.

2. Compact structure and reliable operation. The reset time of this mechanism can be flexibly adjusted.

3. It can reduce the regrind material, improve the quality of the crates, and improve the utilization of materials.

4. Shorter cooling time, thus shortening the molding cycle. The cooling time usually accounts for 80% of the entire cycle time of the crates, and reducing the cooling time can greatly increase productivity.