Beer Plastic Crate Making Injection Molding Machine

Beer plastic crate making injection molding machine

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Beer Plastic Crate Making Injection Molding Machine has a high efficiency servo motor and servo motor system that can save 40%-60% energy. The servo-driven hydraulic press is a fully hydraulic IMM with a servo motor driven hydraulic pump. It is well known that servo motors are highly accurate and repeatable - this is a key factor in quality assurance. Servo-driven pumps typically have noise levels that are much lower than standard hydraulic machines.


1. Special screw and barrel for beer rack, good plasticizing effect and high efficiency

2. Diagonal diagonal two-seat moving cylinder arrangement, integrated injection molding platform to ensure stable and reliable injection

3. New optimized link mechanism, enhanced press plate, can adapt to different products

4. Dual servo system, optimized design of hydraulic lines

5. Highly responsive computers and well-known electronic components

Beer plastic crate sample 

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