Children Plastic Toy Making Machine

Plastic toy making injection molding machine can produce many plastic toys for children.

Product Details

Plastic toy making injection molding Machine Details

injection molding machine 快车

Technical Parameter


Injection Unit:

1)Smelted screw with big L/D ratio to the result of high quality plasticizing and color-fixing

2)Double injection cylinder device featured compact construction and good equilibrant

3)The speed of low speed and large torque hydraulic motor can be freely adjusted 

4)Injection carriage can be generally used with the function of slacking, re-feeding or fixed-feeding


Clamping Unit:

1)New type 5-point toggle device with the advantage of stable movement curve and gentle shock.

2)Ejection device offer dwell, single, more, vibration function

3)Hydraulic mould height adjustment drived by gear with rough and fine operation 

4)Mechanical and electrical dual safety interlock

5)Automatic centralized lubrication system with far pressure detector


Hydraulic Unit:

1)Proportional pressure and flow control with the advantage of fine adjustment and high precision

2)Imported world famous hydraulic valves

3)Imported technology hydraulic hose and fittings

4)Low noise hydraulic system

5)Oil cooler


Control Unit

1)The computer is import from Industry family. The LCD  displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to display

2)Alarming system in case of cold start and no material in hopper

3)99 steps speed control for increasing and reducing to suit for different technology demands

4)Parameters lock function to avoid being changed

5)100 sets of production parameters can be stored into the computer memorial software

6)Record the quantity of products and automatically stop if uo to the required quantity

7)Emergency stop device


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