Tool Box Injection Molding Machine

Tool Box Injection Molding Machine

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The Tool Box Injection Molding Machine features a box-type bridge structure and a moving platen with a fully rigid template attached to the rear. Through finite element analysis, it can prevent template deformation, anti-fatigue, high repeatability, uniform distribution of clamping force, greatly improve mold life and reduce molding cost.


Clamping device:

1. The inner roll 5-point double toggle clamp mold clamping structure greatly improves the rigidity and precision of the mold clamp unit.

2. The box type bridge structure is adopted, the moving platen is moved, and the high rigidity continuous pressing plate is reinforced by finite element analysis to ensure that the template is not deformed and durable.

3. The drawbar is made of high-quality structural alloy steel, hard chrome plated, high mechanical strength and high fatigue strength.

4. Equipped with low pressure mold protection device.

5. Multi-level control of mold clamping pressure, speed and position.

6. Adjust the mold thickness by the ring gear driven by the hydraulic oil motor.

7. Several hydraulic injection modes.

Injection unit:

1. Double-column and double-cylinder balanced injection devices ensure balanced and uniform force on the screw during injection and advancement.

2. High-quality alloy spiral nitride or chrome-plated, nitride barrel, anti-corrosion and fatigue, greatly improving its service life.

3. Accurately adjust the nozzle centering.

4. The screw pre-plasticization is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor unit.

5. Multiple injection speed, pressure and position settings.

6. Special screws and barrels are provided according to the different properties of engineering plastics to ensure the quality of the finished product.

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