Automatic Plastic Cap Injection Molding Machine

Precision, Fast
Application for most kind of plastic product

Product Details


Automatic Plastic Cap Injection Molding Machine is used to make plastic pellets into carbonated beverages and mineral water caps by high temperature plasticization. As the plastic emerges from the extruder, the blanking plate will cut the embryos and place them evenly into the mold cavity. The cap made of this machine has no injection gate, and the quality is good and the appearance is beautiful.

Automatic Plastic Cap Injection Molding Machine for making different kinds of plastic bottle caps such as : common cap , flip top cap , flip top cap with bowknot , spray valve cover.


(1) Well-designed large aspect ratio screw and adjustable back pressure to ensure plasticizing quality and plasticizing ability.

(2) Low-speed and high-torque five-star hydraulic motor directly drives the screw to adapt to various plastics.

(3) High-strength template and double-elbow five-hinge clamping mechanism, the mold is fast and stable, the force ratio is large, and the clamping mode is reliable.

(4) The mold opening stroke, the modulus and the distance between the rods are large, and can accommodate larger molds.

(5) Low-voltage low-speed mold clamping protection and multiple fault alarm functions are sensitive and reliable.

(6) High-strength drawbars, excellent in rigidity and wear resistance.

(7) Centralized lubrication device, easy to use, to ensure good lubrication of the connecting rod pin.

(8) Electrical and mechanical double safety protection to ensure personal safety.

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