Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine

Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine
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Our product range includes Plastic Injection Moulding Machines, Servo Injection Moulding Machines ,Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machines,high speed Injection Molding Machines and Our products are highly reliable in terms of performance and thereby widely preferred in plastic molding applications. We also provide repairing and maintenance service of all our products.


Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine Over 4000 Times testing with hydraulic pressure system

Injection molding machine is widely used to produce all kinds of plastic products.

features and advantages

1.Strengthen lockup structure

Optimized special lockup system to achieve economical and quick production

2.Centralized lubrication, reliable protection

Configuring rational centralized lubrication, providing more professional, better lubrication to make machine more cleaner.

3.New kind screw driving system

Spline affiliation for screw and oil motor, swish and reliable transmission, huge transfer torsion, straightforward activity.

4.Superior clamping system

Adopts optimized connection rod structure, faster and smoother operation.

5.New frame structure

Simple and generous appearance, machine body force reasonable and stronger.