Full Automatic Small Injection Molding Machine

70 ton Full automatic small micro injection molding machine .

Product Details


Injection molding machines are also known as injection molding machines or injection machines. It is the main molding equipment for thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic molding dies to make plastic products of various shapes. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric. The injection molding machine heats the plastic and applies a high pressure to the molten plastic to eject it to fill the mold cavity.


1. Two-cylinder balanced injection system;

2. Multi-stage pressure and velocity injection;

3. Back pressure regulating device;

4. Low pressure mold protection;

5. Single hydraulic core drawing;

6. Multiple hydraulic ejector knockout;

7. Mechanical and electrical safety devices;

8. Automotive lubrication system;

9. Hydraulic full scale control;

10. Computer control system;

11.Molding data storage system;

12. Automatic mold adjustment function.

13. Variable pump energy saving;


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