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SZ-2400A injection molding machine,producing disposable kitchen supplies like knives,forks,lunchboxes and so on.

Product Details

Product details

SZ-2400A 快车



We are an automatic molding machine machine manufacturer located in Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu Province China.We are near many big cities of Shanghai,Suzhou,Wuxi Nanjin,with convenient traffic.Our automatic injection moulding machine is simple to operate and has no potential safety hazards, so that the products can be automatically moulded.Please send us your samples,We will recommend you the most suitable machine.




A. Har
d chrome plated high tensile strength tie bars made of superior alloy with a good wear and corrosion resistance ability 

B. Nitrided screw and barrel with long service life.

C. Proportional pressure and flow control with the advantage of fine adjustment and high precision

D.The computer is imported from Industry family.The LCD displaying screen with high clarity has Chinese and English language to display


Ø  We provide engineer oversea service and long-life service;

Ø  New plant construction guidance;

Ø  Supply accessories at any time;

Ø   Excellent pre-sale,in-sale and after-sale service

Ø  Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.




 1. Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

We are a manufacturer, and we have builded up our company since 2008.

 2. What is the delivery time of your machine?

In general, the delivery time of our machine is about 30 days, customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.

 3. As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the machine won’t be broken?

Our machine is film wrapped, to make sure the machine can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will use the steel wire to fix the machine with the container.,


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