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What you should pay attention to when using an injection molding machine

Jun 26, 2020

The injection molding machine can complete the injection molding operation, but the staff should also pay attention to the following points when using it, so as to ensure the safety of the production process and personal safety.


    If the temperature of the injection molding machine increases, then the harm to us in this case is still very much. For example, it can give the machine a problem of deformation. If the thermal expansion coefficient of the hydraulic part is different, the gap will also change accordingly, which may cause the system to malfunction, and the accuracy of the hydraulic system's own transmission will naturally affect the quality of the machine.


    An increase in temperature will cause the viscosity of the oil to decrease. If such a situation occurs, it will cause all the system functions of the injection molding machine to decline. Because the viscosity drops, the wear of the parts in the lubricated area will also increase greatly, causing the problem of increased wear. Excessive temperature damages parts of the rubber structure. If the temperature is too high, the aging speed of the rubber will be accelerated, so that its sealing performance is reduced, the service life will also be reduced, and leakage accidents will occur. If the temperature is too high, it may also be caused by a blockage in the pipeline. For example, there will be a blockage of the filter screen and a blockage of the cooling tower.


    There are many problems caused by high temperature. Therefore, the staff must avoid this kind of problem when dealing with it. When you operate the machine, you should also pay attention to not dismantle the various safety devices. If there are any errors or accidents in the safety facilities, you need to shut down the machine. Before restarting the injection molding machine, you must ensure that the fault has been eliminated. Row.