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What should you pay attention to when using injection molding machines

Jul 31, 2020

What you should pay attention to when using an injection molding machine:

       The injection molding machine can complete the injection operation, but when the task personnel use it, the following points should also be paid attention to, so as to ensure the safety of the consumption process and personal safety.

      If the temperature of the injection molding machine is lowered, then there will still be a lot of harm to us under this condition. For example, it can give the machine the effect of deforming. If the coefficient of thermal expansion of the hydraulic part is different, then its gap will change accordingly. This will cause the system to fail, and the accuracy of the hydraulic system itself will naturally affect the quality of the machine's tasks.

      The decrease in temperature will reduce the viscosity of the oil. If there is such a situation, then it will cause all system functions of the injection molding machine to decline. Due to the decrease in viscosity, the degree of wear of the parts on the smooth parts will also be greatly increased, making the wear worse. Excessive temperature can damage the parts of the rubber structure. If the temperature is too high, the aging speed of the rubber will be slow, so its sealing function will be reduced, the service life will be reduced, and the leakage accident will occur. If the temperature is too high, it can also be caused by the infarction of the pipeline, such as the infarction of the filter and the infarction of the cooling tower.

      Too high Wendu brings many achievements. Therefore, task personnel must avoid this kind of performance when they stop processing, and should deal with it in time if there is an attack. In ordinary operation of the machine, you also need to pay attention not to stop and remove various safety installations. If there is any error in the safety equipment, it may be unexpected, you need to stop the machine and close it. Before restarting the injection molding machine, you must ensure that the fault has been removed. Row.