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What should I do if the screw of oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine slips?

Jun 19, 2020

The screw head group of the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine is composed of three parts: 1, the rubber head; 2, the rubber ring; 3, the meson. They play a role in mixing and plasticizing the sealant in the entire screw group, which is an important part. The quality problems of many plastic products are closely related to the three parts of the screw head. Often due to the failure to deal with the details of many three components, the scrap rate of plastic products has increased significantly, and even forced to shut down for maintenance.


    The slip of the screw of the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine will cause the degradation of the material, which will affect the quality of the product. What are the reasons for the screw slip of hybrid injection molding machine? How to "catch" the slippery injection molding machine screw? The following explains for you.


     When the screw of the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine slips, the material may accumulate in the feeding port and cannot be transported to the end of the injection machine normally. When the screw rotates and retreats in the barrel to deliver material and prepare for the next injection, screw slippage will occur in the plasticizing section. At this time, the rotation of the screw still continues, but the axial movement of the screw will stop, that is, slippage occurs. Screw slippage often leads to material degradation before injection, product quality will decrease (such as lack of material), and the molding cycle will be extended.