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What operations need to be done before using horizontal injection molding machine ?

Jun 09, 2020

Unlike other industrial equipment, the horizontal injection molding machine needs more operations that the user needs to understand before use. These can be listed as a matter of attention before starting. In the following content, we will make a systematic summary of this point. I hope you can follow these rules when operating, so that the injection molding machine equipment can play a greater effect.


Inspection of various parts of horizontal injection molding machine

    The inspection of various components includes the electrical control box and various moving parts. Among them, the content that needs to be checked in the electrical control box is to check whether there is water or oil in the electrical control box. If the electrical appliance gets wet, do not turn it on. Maintenance personnel should dry the electrical parts before turning on. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether there is lubricating oil in each moving part, because adding enough lubricating oil also plays a big role in the normal operation of the injection molding machine.


Heating all sections of the barrel

    This operation is to enable the overall temperature of the equipment to tend to a unified stage. When the temperature of each section reaches the requirements, keep it warm for a period of time to make the mechanical temperature tend to stabilize. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic materials.


    In fact, in addition to the above two parts that need to be operated, it is also necessary to check whether the power supply voltage is normal and whether the cooling pipes are unblocked for long distances. I hope you can accurately check these points before using the horizontal injection molding machine and make your own preparations.