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What is the sequence controller of the vertical injection molding machine?

Jul 15, 2020

What about the sequence controller of the vertical injection molding machine? Let's take a look at what the editor said.


1. Function.


   Sequence controller is the core of the injection molding electrical control system. The vertical injection molding machine is mainly matched with the hydraulic system and the controller, so that the machine's actuators (motors, valves, etc.) complete the process in a certain order. Sequence controllers include power-off controllers, programmable controllers (PLC) and single-chip controllers.

Second, the form of control.


  In the sequence conversion between the steps of the vertical injection molding machine, the position and time of the actuator are usually conditioned.


  Position control mostly uses limit switches, proximity switches or displacement sensors to detect and control. In the relay control, the limit switch is used as a contact to control the corresponding relay action; and in the microcomputer controller, the limit switch and proximity switch are used as input switch points, and the displacement sensor is used as a simulation.


  Time control is mostly done by timers. In relay control, time relays are mostly used. After the timing is reached, the contact action drives the relay action; in microcomputer control, it uses the internal timer to complete.


From the perspective of the development of the vertical injection molding machine sequence controller, more and more vertical injection molding machine controllers use programmable logic controllers (PLC) and microcomputer systems, and use displacement sensors, pressure sensors, etc. instead of limit switches , Proximity switch for feedback control, etc.