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What is the outstanding performance of all-electric injection molding machine ?

Aug 21, 2019

First of all, from the point of view of productive power:

The servomotor of the fully electric injection molding machine has a high speed (up to 4000 rpm) and cannot be used in the manufacturing process of high precision messy items, low component errors and high quality products. And the ejection process, therefore your production power will increase, but the hydraulic machine generally CANNOT Present the stacking process, the production power will be lower than the completely electric injection molding machine.

Secondly, from the quality-price ratio:

The production cost of the complete hydraulic press is NOT HIGH, but the energy consumption is not very reduced. If the variable pump is used and the inverter E installed, the Energy Saving Effect can be obtained. The complete hydraulic press can be used for the user, especially in the production of super-large presses, the high-clamping injection press has many advantages, however the completely electric injection press also has the advantage of saving electricity, water and gas. save performance uplift. The cost of labor is not high, the processing cycle is not long and the efficiency of work is not low, but the cost of production is still very high. There are not many Varieties (now solo the type of hinge of the machine), the whole engine has the Control of the organization of Transmission and CANNOT Be Promoted in the equipment with a high clamping force.