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What is the difference between high-speed precision injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding machine

Feb 27, 2020

In fact, the high speed precision injection molding machines on the market are all electric motors. Ordinary injection molding machines are generally hydraulic injection molding machines, and hydraulic injection molding machines are relatively slow. In the process of promoting Internet + thinking across the country, traditional enterprises should adjust the injection machine, using an energy-saving high-speed precision injection molding machine.

At present, the high-speed precision injection molding machine uses a servo motor to perform the opening and closing of the mold, ejection and ejection, as well as injection and storage of raw materials. . Wait, the operating speed is fast and precise, greatly improving or improving the production environment and production efficiency.

Compared to ordinary injection molding machines, high speed precision injection molding machines have the following advantages:

1. Direct mold drive

Direct clamping structure for opening and closing the mold, quick response for opening and closing the mold, reducing the opening and closing time of the mold

2. clamping force sensor

Install a high precision clamping force sensor to monitor the clamping state in real time and adjust the clamping force setting value to reduce mold loss and servo load;

3. double pull nozzle

The contact mechanism of the double-pull nozzles prevents the template from tilting and the nozzles not to come into contact unevenly when in contact with the nozzles; reduce the degree of mold damage.

4. Support plate

Movable template support plate with high wear resistance and low friction, reducing the load on the actuator during opening and closing of the mold;

5. High standard mold clamping

High requirements for adjusting the clamping force and parallelism to complete a stable clamping state and reduce mold loss;


High-strength chassis design concept, using a combination of thick-walled structural steel to reduce rapid mold opening and closing vibrations;

Direct drive injection structure

Based on the direct drive injection structure as a core, it allows high injection and high rate of fire control.

1.Using a high response, a low inertia servo motor, corresponding to the design of a low inertia load, complete the actual acceleration of the 20ms screw;

2. Install a high precision multiturn absolute encoder and an injection pressure sensor, which can precisely control the screw position and the stable engineering of the soil, injection, holding pressure and against pressure;

3. The firing table rotation mechanism is used to facilitate disassembly of the screw and effectively reduce the operating time.

4. High quality screw core runout adjustment to ensure the life of the screw.