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What is a two-color injection molding machine ?

Aug 15, 2020

Two-color injection molding means that there are two colors on the same plastic product.

   Take the buttons on the mobile phone as an example to show you that the buttons are black, and the number "5" is transparent.

   There are two specific implementation schemes:

   1. Open the two-color mold and use the two-color injection molding machine for injection.

   There are two back molds and two front molds. (The structure of the two front molds is basically the same.)

   Two rear molds are installed in parallel in the rear mold installation part of the injection molding machine, and two front molds are installed in the front mold installation part.

   The two-color injection molding machine has 2 nozzles (2 barrels), 2 dryers, and 2 injection materials.


   Injection process:

   After the first mold production, the number "5" of transparent material appears on the rear mold.

   After the mold is opened, the back mold rotates 180 degrees. (That is, the positions of the two rear molds are reversed)

   After the second mold clamping production, black material was injected into the mold cavity, enclosing the number "5"

   After opening the mold, you can see the buttons in two colors.

   2. Since the two-color injection molding machine is more expensive, many companies use other methods.

   Two sets of molds must be opened, and the processing process is as follows:

   First use a general injection molding machine to make the transparent product number "5",

   Then put the transparent product "5" into another set of molds to inject black material.

   In this way, the product is also two-color after it comes out.

   It belongs to two moldings.