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What are the requirements when using a hybrid injection molding machine?

Jul 28, 2020

No matter what you are using, even a simple small item must have certain requirements and rules, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble and danger. This is especially true for the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine that is often used in industrial production. Although this type of equipment is relatively simple to use and will not cause any dangerous situations, it should be noted. . Because if you are not careful, there may be some unexpected situations, and more often these situations are not good.


    So what should be done to prevent some accidents when using a hybrid injection molding machine? In fact, it is very simple. As long as you make preparations before use, the preparations here include checking whether all parts of the machine are working well. If there is a problem, you should find out where the problem is in time, and then deal with these problems. , And finally started to work. Prior to this, the person who operates this equipment is better to choose someone with operating experience. Secondly, don't do anything unfavorable to the equipment during the operation of the equipment.


    Finally, because equipment like oil-electric hybrid injection molding machines also has a lot of parts, so in the process of use, if any part is broken or has expired, it must be replaced in time. For places where lubricating oil is needed, it is necessary to observe the use of lubricating oil in time. Lubricating oil is used to reduce friction between equipment parts. The lack of this has a great impact on the service life of the machine, so this is also One of the things that cannot be ignored. In addition, remember to perform certain maintenance on the machine before or after use, which can also extend the service life to a large extent.