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What are the excellent performance of the all-electric injection molding machine

Aug 07, 2020

         The standard of the full hydraulic press has its international standard. Many manufacturers can exchange components, and repair is convenient and cost-free; however, there are still differences between the full-motor servo motor and its driver from many manufacturers, self-repair is messy, and the repair cost is not low.

      1. From the perspective of production power:

      The servo motor of the all-electric injection molding machine has strong high speed (up to 4000r.pm). It can have a simple synchronous stacking process in the production of high-precision messy products, low-weight errors and high-quality products, such as adding materials when opening a mold And the ejection process, so its output power also rises, but the hydraulic machine generally cannot show the stacking process, and the output power will be lower than the all-electric injection molding machine.

      2. In terms of performance-price ratio:

      The production cost of the full hydraulic machine is not high, but the energy consumption is not very small. If the variable pump and the inverter are equipped, the energy saving effect can be achieved. The full hydraulic machine can be provided with organic hinge and direct pressure, especially for the production of super large, High clamping force injection molding machine has many advantages, but all-electric injection molding machine also has the advantages of electricity saving, water saving and high performance. The working cost is not high, the processing cycle is not long, the work efficiency is not low, but the production cost is still very high. There are not many varieties (now only the hinged type), all motors are controlled by the transmission organization, which cannot be implemented in high clamping force equipment.